How to Get Women’s Incentive Loan?

How can state-funded loans be provided to women entrepreneurs? Government-funded loans and grants that will make the face of women entrepreneurs who have recently opened a business are increasing.

What is an Incentive Loan for Women?

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We all know that there are grants and incentives for our women in many areas, and that many steps are taken by the state to provide support and benefits for our women to enter the business life. Finally, government-developed grants and incentives were introduced for women with employment shortages in their daily work lives. These credits can be paid to our women in line with the projects you will develop for certain business lines.

It is also possible to say that women’s hand skills are much more advanced and that they do not have anything to do with daily hand skills. However, in some cases, as the dexterity will be insufficient, interest-free incentive credits paid to women by the state come into play and support is provided for women. How are these loans received? What are the places that give women grants? Where can women receive incentive credits?

Women Lending New Entrepreneur Grant

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The 50,000 TL non-refundable grant and 100,000 TL repayment loan provided by Women Lending under the Entrepreneur Support Program have been made more advantageous for women. 30% more grants and loans can be obtained for women entrepreneurs. To apply for this credit, you must first register with Women Lending and receive a Women Lending certificate by attending courses on certain days.

How to apply for Women Lending?

How to apply for Women Lending?

The prerequisite for benefiting from Women Lending’s New Entrepreneur Grant is to complete Women Lending Applied Entrepreneur Training and to have a certificate. The application for this training can be made by selecting the province and the date of education through the e-government . After at least 32 hours of free training, successful trainees receive a certificate.

So, what are the grant conditions for Women Lending housewives ? In order to receive a grant after obtaining a certificate, it is necessary to be registered in the Women Lending database. In addition, having a business plan is a must. In the training already given, how to prepare the business plan is explained. Although Women Lending grants in many sectors, education, health, agriculture and animal husbandry etc. It should not be forgotten that it does not support some sectors. If the business plan is approved together with the requirements, a grant of 50.000 TL can be obtained.

Which Type of Businesses are Supported?

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Women Lending grants which are more advantageous for women entrepreneurs than men are generally given to the following business plans;

  • Cafeteria,
  • Home-made restaurant,
  • Fast food,
  • Buffet or small market,
  • Delicatessen,
  • Ravioli and pastry halls,
  • Haberdashery shop,
  • Women’s underwear shop,
  • Accessory shop,
  • Hairdressing salon,
  • Beauty Center,
  • Small businesses, such as bags and shoe shops, can receive a non-refundable grant of 50000 TL.