Private Payday Loans – cheap and uncomplicated

Private Payday Loans are very popular among German consumers even in the current low interest rate phase. Due to the historically low interest rates, it is currently possible to buy one to get cheap financing from banks and savings banks. Nevertheless, many arguments in favor of loans from private individuals are provided through specialized financial platforms such as One Lending.

Private Payday Loans for various financing purposes

personal loan

A Private Payday Loan is ideal for financing different purchases. For example, a private car loan is an excellent alternative to a car dealer or house bank loan. Such a personal loan, unlike loans from institutional lenders, often does not require the vehicle registration to be collateralised. Thus, the credit customers retain full power over their car. As beneficial as a loan from private for a debt restructuring. In this way, significant savings can be made by refinancing the credit line or other high-interest loans to low-cost Private Payday Loans.

Private Payday Loans with bad credit

Private loans with bad credit

Customers whose creditworthiness is classified as negative usually do not receive loans from banks and savings banks. Private installment loans are the solution for these people. If they present their financing needs plausibly and explain how they ensure the repayment of the borrowed money, they will receive the money they need through private lending platforms. So it is also possible to get a loan for the self-employed. Especially in the initial phase of setting up a business, institutional lenders assess the creditworthiness of the self-employed very negatively and therefore do not issue any loans. With a personal loan, the start financing can still be secured.

Personal loans from the perspective of lenders

Personal loans from the perspective of lenders

Private Payday Loans create a win-win situation: Investors also benefit from this innovative form of financing. While many banks currently pay hardly any credit interest on savings deposits, lenders of Private Payday Loans, after all, get a few percent. In this way, it can be ensured that the interest rate is at least sufficient to prevent real depreciation losses. Private Payday Loans are not associated with an increased risk potential. Security mechanisms, such as special security funds, and the distribution of large loan amounts to many different lenders, ensure that they get their money back.

With the help of the One Lending loan comparison, which is regularly recommended by test organizations, both borrowers and lenders will find attractive offers.